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Driving Instructor Mirror Set for driving schools, driving test and Learner Drivers

Driving Instructor Mirror Set for driving schools, driving test and Learner Drivers

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Driving Instructor Mirror Set for driving schools, driving test and Learner Drivers

Stay Safe on the Road! Introducing Our Driving Instructor Mirrors Set suitable for driving schools, driving test and learner drivers

Are you a dedicated driving instructor looking for the perfect set of mirrors to enhance your teaching experience? Look no further! Our Driving Instructor Mirrors Set is designed to provide you with enhanced visibility and increased safety during driving lessons.

 Superior Visibility: Our set includes a high-quality interior mirror, offering a crystal-clear reflection of the rearview. With its wide-angle design, you can keep a watchful eye on your student's progress and ensure they are driving safely.

Eliminate Blind Spots: We understand the importance of addressing blind spots effectively. Our set also features two blind spot mirrors that can be easily attached to your side mirrors. These convex mirrors provide an expanded field of view, allowing you to detect approaching vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians that might otherwise be hidden from view.

 Easy Installation: Setting up our mirrors is a breeze! The interior mirror easily attaches to your vehicle's windscreen via a suction cup lever arm system ensuring a secure and stable fit. The blind spot mirrors can be effortlessly affixed to your side mirrors, enhancing your line of sight without obstructing your view.

Premium Quality: We prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Our mirrors are made from high-quality materials that are built to last. They are resistant to scratches, fog, and other adverse weather conditions, guaranteeing optimal visibility in various driving conditions.

 Ideal for Driving Instructors: Whether you're an experienced instructor or just starting your career, our mirrors set is a must-have tool. Enhance your ability to monitor your students, teach them proper lane positioning, and instill good driving habits.

Drive with Confidence: Our Driving Instructor Mirrors Set provides you with the confidence and peace of mind you need during driving lessons. Ensure your students receive top-notch instruction and learn to drive safely.

Limited-Time Offer: Act now and take advantage of our special introductory offer. Order your Driving Instructor Mirrors Set today and receive a discount on the complete set—comprising one interior mirror and two blind spot mirrors!

Don't compromise on safety! Upgrade your driving lessons with our Driving Instructor Mirrors Set. Order now and drive with confidence!

Dipping Suction Cup Mirror 21X5CM
Product Details:
    • NON SLIP DESIGN - The solid ring uses non-slip wear resistant material to ensure the stability of the mirror. Prevents the mirror from shaking while driving, providing you with a clearer vision. It is fully adjustable with scientific wide-angle design, to provide perfect vision and eliminate blind spot.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - Easy to install with a simple suction cup. For most trucks, cars, SUV, provides drivers better rear view support when visibility is limited. Helps you to forecast the upcoming surroundings when turning or changing lanes. Can also be used as an interior coach mirror.
  • LEARNERS - This rear-view mirror is a great aid for Learners and for use as a driving instructor mirror. It is the perfect rear view mirror for driving test.
  • INSTRUCTIONS - Make sure the windscreen is completely clean. Unlock the sucker buckle, place the suction cup on the windshield then click the sucker buckle closed. It will then grip firmly on to the surface and won't move.
  • DIMENSIONS - 210mm x 50mm. Made from high-quality glass and ABS plastic.

  • Blindspot Mirrors

    Blind spot mirrors play a crucial role in enhancing safety on the road. By expanding visibility, minimizing accidents, eliminating guesswork, providing peace of mind, and offering a cost-effective solution, these small devices have become an essential addition to any vehicle. Whether you're a daily commuter or a long-distance traveler, installing blind spot mirrors can significantly improve your driving experience and ensure safer journeys for everyone on the road.

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