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Country Roads And Bends: For Driving Instructors, ADI Part 3, ADI Standards Check Test

Country Roads And Bends: For Driving Instructors, ADI Part 3, ADI Standards Check Test

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ADI Part 3 Driving Lesson Plan Diagrams Book for Driving Schools – Country Roads And Bends.

A4 Size, Thick 160gsm Driving lesson plan Book.

* Driving Lesson Plan briefing Books - We've upgraded the traditional driving school lesson plan books to include all the information needed for student progress, easier organization, and improved understanding. It's the reliable and effective way to plan driving lessons for Country Roads And Bends

* Convenient A4 Size - Our books are A4 and easily fit in the door pocket or backpack. Printed on high quality, 160 gsm paper so students can easily understand Country Roads And Bends, during driving lessons. This includes dealing with country roads and the different hazards you may face, to dealing with bends and reading the road, for instructors to highlight what needs working on, and help the student understand more thoroughly

* Tracks Skills Learned - This helps students keep track of their driving lessons and achieve all the necessary driving skills as set out by the DVSA. Being organized helps students learn better and at their own pace, increasing the chances of success on their driving test.

* Common Training Guide Included - Our A4 driving lesson plans for Country Roads And Bends include all the understanding needed for the driving test, independent driving skills including signs and sat nav, and a checklist for skills acquired with easy spaces for instructor approval. They even come with high quality diagrams and instructions for what to do

* Plenty of Instructors Diagrams - We took care to include lots of Instructor diagrams. This improved Driving Lessons Plan Briefing Book for Country Roads And Bends will make your Driving school better organized and respected with improved student success. It makes much appreciated gift for anyone who teaches driving. Driving Lessons Plan Country Roads And Bends Briefing Folder- Essential for Driving Schools and instructors to help students keep track of their progress.

This book is designed to help instructors improve each student's driving ability at Country Roads And Bends and track their progress towards driving goals. Students can see the progress they are making.

It gives them a clear idea of what they need to work on during their lessons. The book contains easy to understand diagrams and more. It also provides a teaching system to show progress. Instructors will appreciate the provided spaces for common objectives and situations, making it an all-in-one tool for keeping track of student progress.

By using the Driving Lessons Plan Book for Country Roads And Bends, driving schools can ensure that their students are receiving the best possible instruction while making sure everyone is on track to become a safe and confident driver. Product Features:

Driving Lessons Plan Briefing Book Ideal for Driving Schools

A4 size,

160 gsm thick Diagrams of situations for progress

Lots of Diagrams for instructors Independent driving Easily understood book style pages

Checklist for acquired skills Space for student interaction Improves student planning Enhances lesson organization Now Shipping -

We have these A4 driving lesson plans for country roads and bends in fresh production ready to ship direct to your door.

Many customers love the look, features, and convenience so much they return to get many more. It makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers who teach driving.

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